Thursday Jan 20, 2005
Delancey, NYC
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CCPU Offers High Availability And Integration Lab

Continuous Computing Corporation (CCPU), a leading provider of voice-over-packet platform solutions for telecom equipment manufacturers, announced today that it offer a high-availability and integration lab to its customers. The demands of VoIP media and SS7 gateways translate to robust high availability requirements.

CCPU's new lab will allow customers to work with a team of system and software engineers to simulate their systems' intended operation. In other words, customers can test their application software with their proposed platforms on the premises, decreasing delivery time of customized infrastructures from six months to two weeks, or less.

The HA/Integration lab will be fully stocked with equipment such as disk suites and disk arrays, reflective memory networks, processors and motherboards, DSP cards, cPCI platforms, and SS7 cards and software including a simulated SS7 network and traffic generator. Also included will be management software, middleware, and operating systems so that, together with our world-class HA and integration experts, a central-office ready VoIP system can be built, tested, benchmarked, and integrated with third-party equipment in a fraction of the time previously needed.


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