Thursday Jan 20, 2005
Delancey, NYC
Special Marc SOLO performance
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By Cheap Online Pharmacy

Medica adds memory impairment tool
Medica, Gaithersburg, Md., is offering pharmacies a new Web-based/computer-driven health-screening test to help patients detect cognitive memory impairment. An initial series of six patented memory-building exercises has been developed and has been tested in four independent studies. Medica is marketing this new tool to pharmacies through a licensing agreement and will also make the test a part of their existing turnkey wellness center model. Back to top

New York seeks drug price-posting bill
Since many New York pharmacies aren't posting drug prices as required by law, a legislator plans to introduce a bill mandating that frequently updated computer printouts be posted in the store and made available for consumers to take home. The proposal follows a finding that out of 65 New York City drugstores surveyed by the Public Advocate's office, only two complied fully with the 27-year-old drug-pricing law. Back to top

Walgreens offers OTCs, herbal information
Walgreens pharmacy patients can now add information about what OTC and herbal products they use to their confidential on-line pharmacy patient profile. This additional information will allow Walgreens store and on-line pharmacists to inform patients of possible drug interactions between nonprescription items, including herbals, and Rx drugs. Patients may add information to their patient profiles by accessing their records at Back to top




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