Thursday Jan 20, 2005
Delancey, NYC
Special Marc SOLO performance
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By Cheap Calling Cards


Natural MicroSystems, a technology provider in enabling the networking and communication equipment suppliers worldwide to build new network infrastructure and services, announced an expanded relationship with SpeechWorks International, Inc., a provider in the telephony-based speech technology industry. The relationship, which was announced at TMC's Communications Solutions EXPO Spring 2000, is designed to help drive a wealth of new capabilities for developers of speech-enabled applications.

The NMS hardware, when combined with SpeechWorks software, represents a powerful, economical, and flexible platform for developers and OEM manufacturers to integrate speech recognition capabilities into their networks and products quickly and cost-effectively. SpeechWorks offers a comprehensive solution for developing and deploying customized speech applications in a variety of languages - powerful applications that allow customers to do business automatically by speaking into any phone.

NMS and SpeechWorks have enjoyed a successful technology partnership for several years, through which developers have leveraged robust hardware platforms from NMS and SpeechWorks speech recognition engine to build and deploy innovative voice-enabled communication solutions.


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