Thursday Jan 20, 2005
Delancey, NYC
Special Marc SOLO performance
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Special Solo Show!
It's not our fault, the 1-20 show has been moved to 1-27. To make up for it, Marc will be doing a solo show at Delancey on Thursday the 20th.
[WebMunky's note: Can someone please TAPE this? It is Marc's first (and maybe only) solo performance. I'm stuck up here in frigid Boston, so someone with a mic (and the requisite recording equipment), bring it to frigid NYC and hook a guy up.]

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Just a little Holiday note for everybody to let you know that we're thinking of you as we reflect on how magical this last year was. We enjoyed meeting and playing for each and everyone of you and can't wait to do it again in 2005. And Bigger! And Better! We are also thinking of you all as we are hard at work on our next record. Although it probably won't be recorded in a "final" sense until the Spring, we have been having great fun putting together what we feel will be our masterwork. By working once again with bass master and true 3rd Runner memeber, Mike Oor, we are completing the rock opera we started on some 3 years ago. In having so much fun working on the damn thing, it has grown to 2 albums worth of material that we are sewing together like nimble surgeons. I must say that the whole band is feeling really satisfied and excited by this fusion of old and new material that we will take to the stage early in the new year. Just to keep all your info accurate, we have also been working with Roger's brother Randy, whom some of you may have seen on some of the Alice Cooper tour. Who will take the stage for what show is a coin toss, so nobody knows until the day of. We shoot to take both dudes on the road in the Spring when the new musical project will be played in 2 sets!

Keep your eyes open for Runner popping up in random US cities, as we will be jet-setting a bit through January in a series of secret shows. The ones we can tell you about are listed below. Check into the site for updates and some goofy old photos we found.

Take care, be safe, and we'll see you in 2005!
Marc, Roger, Mike, and Randy

Our first bootleg offering is now available in the taping section. Check it out, pass it around.

I know that we said that we're taking the month of October off to write and record our stockpile of new tunes - and we still are - infact we've already been hard at work for the last couple of weeks. BUT a few choice invitations to play have popped up that were too good to refuse. We apologize for the sudden nature of all this, but we just want to play!

While we have your eyes, please check out The Improper Bostonian's lovely write up of our lovely rock band. Also, THANK YOU to all who made it to the AceFu BBQ in NYC and the sold-out show at The Middle East the next night. We weren't lying about this bootlegging business - there's already been 2 that have popped up, which we will post within the next day or two. I also have word that there's a bootleg coming in of our show at The Winnepeg Arena with Alice Cooper. Believe me, you'll hear about it when it goes up - just keep checking the site.

That's all for now. Hope that you can drop everything and come see as at one of these shows.


Lots of tour pics and more on the way...
Man, the last two months have been non-stop and amazing. Many thanks are in order - chronologically, to be specific.

First, thank you to Roger's brother Randy Knight, who filled-in on bass for 3 shows with us. He is an amazing player (he's Roger's brother after all), and for those of you at the South Shore Music Circus, you got to witness his signature "Rising Phoenix" bass move.

That brings us to Jim Zavadoski - of former Damn Personals, Crash n' Burn notoriety. Jim has filled the bass slot for us and we are on our 2 month anniversary together! That lovable bastard...

As for former Runner bass demon, Mike Oor, he now plays one of them guitars with 6 strings on them. Not a bass, a good 'ol electric. He's playing with Heidi Saperstein. Check it out:

Thanks to Rick McCarthy for emergency gear repair.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Virgin Mega Store mini-tour - NYC, Boston, and Chicago. Check out a song from the "un-plugged" Boston gig in the Opium Den.

Thank you to Brad Hyland of Headband for doing sound at our NYC Virgin in-store.

Next it was a bit of recording out in Chicago where we got to work with the pros in bad-ass Engine studios. Will you be able to hear what went on? I hope so, but for now it's a big secret.

Then, it was Alice time. Cooper, that is. What a fucking blast opening everynight for a living legend. The thanks are needed for everyone involved: Chuck, Roxie, Tommy, Cesar, Toby, Pat, Paul, Randy, Zig-Zag, Craig, Chris, and of course, Alice. There's a few more we forgot, but we made tons of new fans and had a crash-course in what a major touring act is all about. They put up with a lot of shit from us, but we showed how we do our thing and they dug it. These guys are legends, have worked with a million other legends, and we were honored that they would hang out with us and impart some hard earned wisdom.

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Thanks AGAIN to all the great fans we made - in every city! We had an amazing time meeting everyone and spending every night in Canada out until 5 in the morning. Check it out - we've already been asked back to Williamsport, PA! It's in the shows section. Finally, thanks to Los for booking us as his last act at Rudy's. It was godd time rock n' roll party - LOUD! So that's the thanks for now.

New shows are up. New bootlegs in the Opium Den. New photos in the Tour Diary!

Order our CD! New song on Crisp. Tour plans solidifying for October. We have been nominated for a coupla BMA's (Boston Music Awards), so please cast your vote for the RUNNER!

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Alright - go have fun.


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